Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NEEDS....Opportunity to make a Difference !


1. Send-a-child-to-school( adopt a child Program)

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Look for sponsors who are willing to extend their support to the pupils whose family income belongs to below poverty level.

2. Special Education Class for the above average pupils and those slow learners and with learning difficulty.

3. Functional library

Until now the school has no functional library. The school needs library books for pupils’ use.

4. Computer Literacy for pupils

Pupils should be computer literate in order to adopt themselves to the fast changing time.

5. Project BOWLS – Brain Operates With Loaded Stomach

This is the feeding program of school where malnourished pupils are being fed in the school on break time or lunch.

6. Reading Programs specially designed for the struggling and non-readers.

The school needs instructional materials.

7. Support fund for the “Ang Tanglaw” the official school paper of San Jose Pilot. This school paper should be released twice a year but due to lack of fund school paper was given to pupils every end of the school year.


1. Computer Literacy for teachers

2. Teachers Training for Special Education, ex. for the pupils with Learning Difficulties

(Physical Development)

1. The school needs LIBRARY

2. Science Equipments and laboratory room

3. Arm chairs, tables and chairs

4. Computers

5. TV set / room ( for the educational programs such as Hiraya maniwari, Knowledge channel etc.

6. LCD projector for the powerpoint presentation of teachers

7. Fund for the Repair of school fence

8. Fund for the Repair of school canteen